• Optional $100 Initial Deposit

Optional $100 Initial Deposit



An initial deposit is NOT required, but will be used to determine precedence when two or more parties attempt to book the same date. For example, if two parties were to initiate a booking inquiry for June 10th, but only one party makes a deposit, the party with the paid deposit will take precedence. In the case of multiple parties attempting to book the same date with all parties having paid initial deposits, the party with the biggest initial deposit will take precedence. Any initial deposits processed by ATC Mobile DJ will be promptly returned if we do not book your event.

Two payment options are available: Stripe or PayPal. Payments processed using the Stripe payment platform will take place right here on our website and you will not be redirected to a third party processor. If you use PayPal, you will be redirected to the PayPal website. Upon submitting your payment, you will receive an email receipt from us.

A 4% processing fee is added to all online payments. A temporary hold will be placed on your account until we contact you to accept and confirm your booking request.