The Start

Bill Farr was raised in a family that loves music, so naturally, he found himself drawn to the Wedding DJ business. After DJing a couple of events for family and friends, he decided to start a DJ business. It did not take long for Bill to realize that there is a good market for a DJ that was professional, fun, and well prepared.

Soon, his DJ business grew from 1 system to 3 systems, as he officially hired his son, Justin Farr, and good friend Jake.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you offer a written contract?
Absolutely. A contract establishes our obligation to you and outlines everything required in the process, including our setup requirements (which are minimal) and other factors related to your event. For this reason, a written contract is absolutely essential to us, and we believe that any DJ not using a written contract should not, in our opinion, be considered for your event.

2. Will you be the DJ at our wedding?
Sometimes, the person you speak with is not the person who will be your DJ on your wedding day. We believe that it is absolutely paramount that you have a good vibe with the specific DJ that you will be working with. We want you to feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

3. May we meet with you in person before we sign a contract?
Many DJs attempt to conduct their interviews strictly over the phone, or through email instead of meeting face-to-face with prospective clients. In our experience, there are two reasons a disc jockey would do this – either they don’t feel you are worth their time, or they have something to hide. For this reason, we highly encourage meeting face-to-face so that we can ensure a good match for you and your event.

4. How long will you hold our date for us?
Once you inquire with us, we will gladly hold your date for you for a reasonable amount of time in order to give you a chance to meet with us. We also try to give you ample time after our meeting to make a decision, but please keep in mind that we do book very quickly. We will never use pressuring sales tactics to “hard close” you at our meeting – attempting to pressure you to make a decision on the spot.

5. Do you work exclusively for this company?
Yes! Our DJs do NOT work for several different agencies. We are exclusive. By being exclusive, we have absolutely no obligation to any agency.

6. How long have you been a DJ and how many weddings have you done?
A wedding is such an important occasion, and you don’t want your DJ’s first wedding to be your own. We have over a DECADE of events under our belt, and weddings are our favorite events, so we've done hundreds!

7. How many weddings do you do each year?
Are you worried about us being “at the top of our game” by the time your wedding date arrives? Don't worry! We don't have an exact number of weddings that we do each year, but we typically have 1-3 weddings booked EVERY weekend. Want to hear about how they turned out? Check out our Testimonials page!

8. How many other types of events do you do per year?
We are called in for a great deal of events, not just weddings. We have done everything from school functions, corporate events, conferences, anniversaries, birthday parties, welcome home parties, and just because parties! There's virtually no limit to the type of event that we can't do! Curious? Contact us today and ask!

9. Do you perform for more than one event in a day?
Our weekends are typically booked with multiple events per day. We have multiple systems and DJs ready to go to work for you. We do not over-book our DJs, because we don't want them getting exhausted at an event during the day, only to slack off at your event that evening. We take great pride in our booking schedule, and take every necessary step to ensure that you have the greatest entertainment you could ever imagine at your event.

10. What makes you different from your competitors?
We truly take pride in our work, and we believe that the services we provide are unique. We go above and beyond to make sure that you are happy in every aspect, from the planning process, down to the night of the event. We are completely mobile, and truly cater to you and your guests. If you really want to see what makes us different, go ahead and contact us. You will see how enthusiastic we are about the customer service experience.

11. Have you played at our reception site before?
A wedding experience is important, and so is familiarity with your reception site. Every site poses different challenges – different load-in and security procedures, different room sizes and configurations, different acoustics, even antiquated electrical outlets that need to be grounded manually. We are proud to say that we are familiar with many of Mid Missouri's venues/sites. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you won’t have any surprises on your wedding day. In the rare instance that we have not visited your venue before, we can assure you that we will adequately prepare ourselves with the site prior to your event by visiting the venue and/or speaking with the site contact and studying a floor plan.

12. Do you act as the “emcee” and make all of the announcements?
This is where we excel. We are absolutely comfortable with making announcements and serving as the emcee for the wedding, and we believe it is a standard part of the job. Some DJs, however, are not comfortable with this and prefer to pass these duties on to someone else, such as a site manager, who may not have a professional voice or experience speaking on a microphone.

13. How would you define your “style” when making announcements?
We are versatile emcees and we engage with you and your guests to achieve the atmosphere you’re trying to create. If you are planning an elegant, understated wedding, then having a “party motivator” or “entertainer DJ” may not be what you are looking for. If you know your guests will need a lot of encouragement to dance, then hiring someone who flatly refuses to make announcements probably isn’t the best idea either.

14. What do you do to motivate the crowd if nobody is dancing?
There are many ways to get past that lull at your event, but we prefer to avoid that lull all together by using careful song selection to ensure dance floor success. Begging and embarrassing your guests to dance will not do the trick. Instead, we using motivational tactics, activities, along with song selection to bring your party back to life.

15. What if something happens to you and you can’t make it to the wedding?
Despite meticulous planning and preparation, accidents do happen. If your DJ is injured or otherwise unable to perform on your wedding day, we do have additional DJs that can fill-in. 

16. Will we meet again before the wedding?
We do prefer to conduct a “final meeting” in the weeks before your wedding. We prefer to do this in person, but can be done on the phone as well.

17. Can we visit you at a performance?
Probably not. Unless you are invited by the organizer. We’re sure that you wouldn’t appreciate us inviting prospective clients to your wedding to see us in action. We respect our clients’ privacy, and not offer this as a possibility.

18. May we speak to your references?
We are definitely ready and willing to allow you to speak with our references. In fact, we WANT you to contact a few of our references. Feel free to check out our Testimonials. We can also give you a list of names and numbers!

19. How do you keep your music collection up-to-date?
Around The Clock Mobile DJ subscribes to multiple major music update services in order to keep our collections up-to-date. These services provide us with new, radio edited music, often before it is even playing on the radio. 

20. How involved can we be in selecting music for our event?
You can be involved as little, or as much as you'd like. Some folks just trust us, while others want to choose the majority of the music, and then use our expertise to make it all work. We are accommodating of your music tastes! This will all be covered while we go over your event planner. Make a booking inquiry to get started today!

21. When do we need to submit our music requests and event details?
We will supply you with a planning worksheet that will allow you to communicate the details of your event and guide you throughout the entire process. You will be given ample time to make decisions regarding your music choices and event timeline, but we will need you to return it withing 2 weeks of your event so that we can adequately prepare for your event. In addition, we can accommodate any late changes or additions, rather than locking you into a first dance song that you later regret or refusing to alter the order of your toasts.

22. Do you take requests from our guests?
You bet! As long as it isn't on your "Do Not Play" list, or something we find questionable. If so, it will be cleared with you before being aired to your guests.

23. Can we submit a “Do Not Play” list?
Yes. We honor your requests, including your request for certain songs and genres to not be used. Submitting a “Do Not Play” list will give us a clear idea of your limits and your expectations.

24. When do you arrive to set up for our wedding?
We believe in being punctual. Set up well in advance of your guests’ arrival is a high priority for us. We always aim to arrive at least a full hour before the scheduled start time in order to have adequate time to set up and get organized before the event.

25. What will you wear to our event?
This varies from event to event. At a wedding, if the groom will not be wearing a tuxedo, then it is inappropriate for the DJ to wear a tuxedo. It is important that our DJ’s “look” meets your expectations. Please feel free to discuss this with your DJ when you make a booking inquiry.

26. What will you wear when you set up and break down your equipment?
If your guests arrive early for the reception or stay afterward, will they see the DJ in a sweaty undershirt and gym shorts? Not with us! Acceptable appearance standards, regardless of the situation, including setting up and breaking down our equipment, is a high expectation here at Around The Clock.

27. How much of a deposit is required to secure our date?
We require a deposit or retainer of $100 to secure your date. To get the process started by making a booking inquiry, or if you have already made your inquiry, feel free to make a payment or deposit.

28. What is included in the cost of my event?

29. How much would you charge for overtime?
If we're doing such a good job, you don't want the night to end, and you’d like to keep dancing... we can make that happen. Our contract outlines an overtime rate of $100/hr for additional time at the end of the night.

30. What do you require from us?
Adequate shelter, electricity, and a safe place to setup our equipment. That's all we need to make it happen!

31. Do you require a meal?
We do request that our DJs receive a meal (if available) at your event. This is not a requirement, but we would happily accept one if you happen to offer.

32. Are you insured?
Around The Clock Mobile DJ carries a full liability insurance policy. Most venues require all vendors working at their facility to provide proof of insurance before the event. Liability insurance protects you and the reception site in the unlikely event that your DJ injures one of your guests or burns your reception site to the ground.

33. Do you take any breaks?
One of the major advantages to using a DJ instead of a band is that a DJ does not need to take breaks, outside of using the restroom and possibly eating a meal quickly in another room (if this is what your site contact or caterer requires). In any case, we can assure you that there will be no break in the music at any point during the event.

34. What is your policy on alcohol during the wedding?
As professional DJs, we will never consume alcohol while on the job. That does not fit into Around The Clock Mobile DJ's high standards of professionalism.

35. What kind of equipment do you use?
We take great pride in our high quality, professional-grade equipment. We understand that you may not have a working knowledge of professional DJ equipment, but we gladly provide a list of our equipment for you that ranges from brands including Pioneer, Denon, PCDJ, Traktor, Serato, Electro-Voice (EV), JBL, Bose, Mackie, RANE, QSC, and Shure.

36. Do you bring backup equipment with you to the wedding?
Even the very best and most well-maintained equipment will malfunction at some point. That's why we come prepared for catastrophe in case this happens at your event.

37. Do you have a wireless microphone?
We do offer a wireless microphone to be used for your guests’ toasts, blessing, and any other speeches that need to be made. 

38. Do you have a “light show”?
We do offer a large supply of lights, from party lights, lazers, and strobes, to elegant uplights or monogram lighting. We cater our lights and lighting packages to match your colors and preferences. We take into consideration the lighting aesthetics of your event (in other words, how bulky/cumbersome the setup is) and the quality of your photographs or video.

39. Do you set up a sign or banner with your equipment?
Not for wedding ceremonies or receptions. These items inevitably find their way into your wedding pictures and video, and ruin what is an otherwise commercial-free event. For school functions, or other non-intimate events, we do have a banner that we set up on our systems.

40. Is there a fee for traveling to me since you are mobile?
If your event is within 1 hour of Jefferson City, Missouri, there is no travel charge. If your event is over 1 hour away, a travel charge is required. Please contact us to discuss this in more detail.

41. Can I pay my deposit or make additional payments online?
You sure can! Simply visit our online Payments page to make your payment today. Once you payment is received, we will credit your account accordingly and send you a receipt via email. All online payments are subject to a small "Handling Fee" that covers any associated credit card processing fees.

42. How far in advance should I book my DJ?
The earlier the better! The truth is, our schedules really do fill up fast... especially on the weekends! We encourage you to take a peek at our Events Calendar page to see if your date is available. If it is, you will see a link that says "AVAILABLE FOR BOOKING". Clicking that link will take you to our Booking Inquiry page to get started.